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Yes, indeed, such systems existed both 5 years ago and before the advent of the Internet, and they WORK.

However, it had several major problems:
1) Different payment systems constantly blocked the wallets of the participants.
2) Manual confirmation of transfers with all the ensuing consequences in the form of the human factor and constant proceedings, who transferred funds to whom and who did not.
3) There were restrictions. A person once created a structure and once received money, albeit relatively large. And then all the turns went deep into the structure, and the participant did not get any more.
4) Closing or hacking a site meant a system crash, and hacking sites sometimes happened.

Cryptocurrency and Tron solves ALL these problems:
1) Wallet can not be blocked even in theory. The reverse side of the coin: in no case do not lose control over your wallet. It will be impossible to replace your wallet with others.
2) Public transactions and instant automatic confirmations. The human factor is excluded completely.
3) Closing or hacking the site will in no way affect the operation of the system, since the MIRA smart contract is loaded into the main Tron network, and cannot be deleted by anyone including its developers.

This means that for the first time in the history of mankind (no matter how loud it sounds), there are real 100% guarantees that the account will not be hacked, and even theoretically when the site is closed, the Smart Contract and the System itself will continue to exist in any case.
More over, any programmer in the world will be able to make a NEW site based on the same smart contract, and any leader of the structure can make a site structure in the same smart contract. Therefore, the system is protected from any actions of the project administration.

The quick start guide is on the Main page at the section of "How it works".

This is one of the most important questions!
For the first time in the history of mankind, there is not 99%, but 100% guarantee that NO ONE CAN BLOCK YOUR wallet or your account, even the administration of the project (this is a feature of cryptocurrency).

Main Question

Tron is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies that allows you to create functional smart contracts based on the blockchain.

Features of the project on the tron smart contract:
1. Secure tron wallet. It can't be blocked. It is decentralized.
2. The MIRA smart contract code is uploaded to The main tron network and is an integral part of the tron cryptocurrency. This code cannot be deleted or modified. Your account cannot be hacked or blocked.
3. The code is completely in the public domain. Any programmer in the world can verify the validity of his algorithm.
4. All transfers are public and confirmed automatically. Funds are immediately credited to your wallet, so you don't need to confirm or order payments. The human factor is completely excluded.
5. Even if the MIRA site ceases to exist and the administration disappears, the MIRA smart contract in the Tron network will continue to exist, which means that the System itself will continue to work. Even in this case, all accounts and payouts will continue to work properly. Any programmer in the world can make a website that mirrors the same smart contract for the entire system or a specific group.

The tron wallet is primarily two things:

1. Your public key - this is the tron wallet number. You don't have to hide it.
2. Your private key - analogous to the usual password. It is your personal account. Losing your private key means losing control of your wallet. If someone gets hold of Your private key, they get Hold of your money, and You can't change it to another private key. We never ask you to enter private keys.

Depending on your device, There are tron wallets for the browser on your computer and for your mobile device.

Withdrawal of funds from Tron is carried out in the same way as its replenishment, only the reverse direction of exchange is selected.

Step 1. Visit the site

Step 2. Click "Chrome Extension" and install the plugin.

Step 3. After installation, you will see the TronLink logo to the right of the address bar in the browser. Click on it. A pop-up window will appear.

Step 4. Create a password to log in the extension. Enter your password twice. Make sure to write down your password so that you don't forget it. Click "Continue".

Step 5. You will be offered three options to continue. Select the first option "Create".

Step 6. A mnemonic phrase will appear. Make sure to write down the phrase from left to right, from top to bottom, so that you don't forget. This phrase gives you full access to your Tron wallet. Only you should know the phrase.

Step 7. To check, make a recorded phrase. Click "Confirm".

Step 8. Your wallet number and its balance will appear. In the future, when working in the system, your wallet balance will be replenished in TRX tokens. Therefore, only watch this token.

Step 9. Click the Three stripes icon to the right of your wallet. A menu appears. In it, select "Export Account". Enter your TronLink password and click "Confirm". Select "Private key". Your private key will appear on the screen. Save it and never lose it. We remind you that losing your private key means losing control of your wallet forever. It is impossible to restore it or change it to another one, even theoretically.

Step 10. Once you are sure That your private key is securely stored, you can exit their menu. From now on, you can use your wallet.